The Italian leather goods designer Serena Cancellier worked as designer and director of leather goods for brands like Bottega Veneta, Vionnet, Christian Louboutin, Prada and Balmain.

She worked as designer and director designer of leather goods for Luxury Italians and French Maison since the 2003.

In the 2018 she founded her consulting design firm, STUDIO CANCELLIER, a creative company dedicated to sustainable luxury business and she give life to her visionary brand, Cancellier Paris, Les Objets à réaction Fantastique, the fantastic reaction is happiness! 

“Walk with me and spread wonders” is the mantra which inspires my creations. 
I designed this bag for myself and I became immediately fan of it. 
It’s soft and you can rub it, use it like a stress relief during your walks or waitings. Thanks to its lightness, you can wear it and go wherever you want, without pain in your shoulder.
It’s extremely versatile : you can put it in your suitcase, it takes a small place and it does not wrinkle, it’s double-faced and its shoulder strap is easily adjustable, regulating its knot, from crossbody to shoulder and hand use. 
You can also add a colored ribbon or your favourite foulard to wear as hand bag. 
It has also two pockets: one to put dried or fresh flowers (yes, inside the pocket there are elastic ribbons to hold some flower pipettes, full of water too!) and the other, smaller, a bit hidden in the bag, has been created to contain the small rollers, the magic stones, the shells found on the beach, which accompany you through the life! 
it’s a pocket for your talismansn, your souvenirs... 
But much more important Chloris has a power: she make everyone happy, you and the people around you. 
Chloris could carries flowers and flowers make people happy! 
When you walk with Chloris you spread wonders! 
Chloris is Specially curated handmade bags with French nappa leather and Italian silk or linen that I personally choosed in the factories. 
I made few pieces each colors to offer unique experience to each of you. 
Chloris was the Greek flowers’ nymph from the Islands of the Blessed. She 
was the wife of Zephyros, the West-Wind, and the mother of Karpos,  god of fruit. Her Roman name was Flora.
All my collections are available for costumisation and magic collaborations. 
Chloris can be crafted in any material and customized with your favourite colours and fabrics. Chloris wears your favourite cloth! 
Serena's collection will be exposed at Hyeres fashion festival in October 2020.